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Firm Overview
Contemporary San Francisco architects Cathi House and Steven House of House + House architects have extensive experience in both affordable and high-end houses and house remodels. Their designs of creative, sustainable, modern houses in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mexico have been published in numerous books and magazines, both nationally and internationally. As Bay area residential architects, they have received more than 50 design awards for their work. Their innovative approach to design inspired by their travel experiences create modern architecture incorporating the best of tradition, reinvenited in new ways, to create unique, harmonious, contemporary homes.

Award Winning Houses in Mexico
As American architects working in Mexico, Cathi and Steven House have designed over 20 houses in San Miguel de Allende and in Baja, Mexico on the Sea of Cortes. Working with local craftsmen, House + House Architects have created beautiful, timeless, contemporary houses steeped in the best of Mexican tradition. Cathi and Steven can offer advice about building a home in Mexico, including land search and analysis, costs, construction techniques, green building, project management and scheduling.

Sustainability & Green Architecture
Committed to sustainability and green architecture, their work focuses on enduring design incorporating natural light and ventilation, passive solar heating, grey/rainwater systems, local and recycled materials, shading, high efficiency glazing and mechanical systems, and development of micro-climates with strong connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Parrot Tree Plantation in Roatan, Honduras
For more than 15 years House + House Architects have worked with real estate developer John Edwards to design the award winning Parrot Tree Plantation resort as well as many other housing developments on the island of Roatan including the Mayan Princess Condos and Restaurant, Coral Sands luxury condominiums, La Sirena Condos, Lighthouse Estates and Marbella Beach Condos as well as numerous custom private homes.

Mediterranean Villages: an architectural journey
For more than 30 years Steven and Cathi House have traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean documenting indigenous architecture. Their stunning book includes village architecture in Italy, Greece, Spain and Yugoslavia with over 200 sketches and 400 photographs. Steven and Cathi acknowledge the profound influence the studies of these remote villages have had on their professional work.

Houses in the Sun: light movement embrace
This new monograph documents House + House Architects' recent residential work in California, Mexico and the Caribbean. Over 400 photographs and 200 drawings highlight twenty projects completed over the past ten years. Showcased within its 296 pages are vibrant hues and the distinct ways light and movement are used in each design, with discussions of connections to landscape through sculptural openings and material selections, as well as the care given to preserving the site. Their work is poetic, insightful and intelligent, influenced not by trends or fashion, but rather by light, culture, views, climate, and the desire to inspire.

Vacation Rental House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
The architect's personal home is available to rent in historic San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 'Casa de las Estrellas', House of the Stars, created by San Francisco architects Cathi and Steven House, is a modern Mexican home now available as your vacation retreat. The house is located just four blocks from the 'Jardin', or Main Square, of this lovely village. San Miguel de Allende is Mexico at its best, frozen in time, yet alive in every way, and recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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